Jul 15

Online Reputation Management Instills Woman with Closure

Internet reputation management and repair firm, Online Reputation Management, recently helped a Coral Springs resident retain closure after her son was killed in a car crash five years ago.

Coral Springs, Florida — July 15, 2012

Alicia recently turned to Online Reputation Management hoping the Internet reputation management and repair firm could bury her deceased son’s online car crash photos and help Alicia retain closure.

Alicia lost her son Alex five years ago when he was driving home from work. A drunk driver rammed into his vehicle, killing Alex on the site. The information about the car crash is considered a public record and so the information quickly became available online. In addition, local newspapers wrote about the car crash and thus Alex’s name was mentioned in various articles.

Alicia was tired of re-reading the articles about the car accident and seeing the photos. She turned to Online Reputation Management because she needed closure, she needed her son’s accident to remain in the past to allow her to continue living.

“It may sound odd to some that I wanted to bury Alex’s past but it hurt me to see how bright his future could have been,” said Alicia.

Within a short time, the Online Reputation Management team began working to bury Alex’s car accident information. Alex, who was a high school football player, had many local newspapers write articles about his athletic accomplishments. Many of the articles were online, buried beneath the public records and articles about the car accident.

“It was a really sad case, we wanted to help this woman so she could continue living and move past what happened,” said Online Reputation Management founder, Ed Eshel.

Online Reputation Management repair specialists worked to change the order of the search results. Since Alex once had several articles written about his athletic endeavors as well as positive photos posted about his football career, his online reputation was relatively positive. The Online Reputation Management team tailored their strategy to focus on burying the public records and news articles by replacing the unfavorable search engine results with informative, accurate information highlighting Alex’s positive traits, skills and high school achievements.

“We worked to switch the search engine results so when Alicia would search for her son’s name online, she would not be reminded of the accident,” Eshel said.

Within several weeks, Online Reputation Management succeeded in helping Alicia retain the closure she so dearly craved.

“Now, thanks to Online Reputation Management, when I search for Alex online, I am reminded by his beautiful, sweet smile,” Alicia said.

More About Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management was founded in 2009. The company has offices in Los Angeles, New York and Tel Aviv. Online Reputation Management provides repair and management services that are needed for any individual or business looking to promote themselves in the cyber world. Online Reputation Management ensures efficiency and detailed work that is successful in protecting and re-establishing their clients online presence.

Jul 05

Online Reputation Management Repaves Man’s Future

Online Reputation Management, a leader in the field of online reputation repair services, understands the importance of presenting a positive, honest image and maintaining that image over time. The company recently helped a real estate agent better promote himself and his company.

New York, NY — July 05, 2012

A local New York realtor, who asked to remain anonymous, discovered an online newspaper mentioned him in an article about arson. The client, fearing the article could harm his thriving real estate business, turned to Online Reputation Management hoping it could repave his future and distance himself from the mentioned blurb.

The client was mentioned in the article because he agreed to offer his opinion regarding arson and fires, yet he never expected the article to appear in search results when searching his name.

“I volunteered to interview in order to help out a friend, but now the article remains under search results when searching my name, and i’m afraid it can scare potential clients away,” said the realtor.

The real estate agent contacted Online Reputation Management and explained to the repair specialists the harm the article could have on his business.

“We understood that the client was really stressed about burying that search result, it had the potential to really harm his business,” said the Company’s Reputation Repair Specialist, Daniel Dean. “His entire operation operates on a basis of word of mouth and if someone searches his name and sees that article, they may associate him with arson and turn to another realtor.”

To bury the negative article, Online Reputation Management launched an intensive online marketing campaign showcasing the client’s business and achievements. In addition, Online Reputation Management built the client an interactive, attractive Web site to present his real estate agency and services.

Furthermore, Online Reputation Management content writers produced educational, accurate articles that further helped push the positive search results up and bury the negative article.

Within two days, Online Reputation Management managed to fill the first page of Google and other search engines with positive search results. The article about arson was pushed down several pages on all major search results. Online Reputation Management ensured that when searching the realtor’s name, his real estate agency would appear, not a blurb about arson.

The real estate agent continued with business as usual and was happy to discover that Online Reputation Management’s efforts even increased his business due to the positive search results and interactive Web site.

About Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management ensures individuals’ and businesses’ online name does not go in vain. Online Reputation Management specializes in promoting your reputation in a positive and accurate light, and driving search engines away from negative reviews about you or your business. Online Reputation Management works around the clock to deliver the best results to continuously protect your reputation.